Broadband Evolution

Broadband Evolution

Chicane are constantly looking at the technological advances within our industry to see what is happening, what is likely to happen and what will take the place of existing internet infrastructure in the UK. We are finding more and more that businesses are turning away from traditional broadband services and looking at a more robust, secure connection for all their business critical connectivity.

A few years ago, a dedicated fibre line directly from the local exchange to a business premises was a cost prohibitive for many. However, more recently the costs are coming down quite significantly, enabling businesses to seriously look at the option of Leased Line connectivity.

Many businesses that have been relying on broadband to run their operations and have previously found this level of connectivity adequate are now discovering that it is no longer the right solution for them. They have increasing levels of staff, transferring increasing levels of data, and may even be using their Internet connection as the backbone of their telephone solution (VoIP) or to connect multiple sites together.

Although broadband technology is still leaps and bounds in front of the old fashioned dial up connections of the past, the pitfalls of a standard ADSL broadband service can be devastating to a company fully reliant on their Internet connectivity. Most notably, there is no Service Level Guarantee for ADSL broadband, meaning that there is no specific timeframe in which Openreach engineers are contractually obliged to fix faults on the service. A full day, week, or even longer without connectivity would be fairly catastrophic for most businesses these days.

We have outlined below some points for any business to consider, along with a testimonial from one of our existing customers, explaining how Leased Line connectivity has given them a reliable, business critical Internet connectivity solution. If you feel that any o r all of these points apply to you and your organisation, then please do get in touch for a no obligation chat to see if we can help you too.

Businesses that benefit from Leased Lines:

• Any business whose internet connectivity is business critical.
• Businesses with offices in remote areas not well served by standard Broadband connectivity.
• Organisations that use the internet as an underlying backbone for their operations – e.g. VoIP telephony, online applications, Cloud based data storage etc.
• Multi site organisations that need to link multiple offices, branches or warehouses.

“In the transport sector many of our locations are located far outside metropolitan areas. As such, providing a reliable, high speed internet connection with broadband has always been a problem for us. As our Business has grown, the demands on our infrastructure have increased, requiring fast reliable site-to-site connections and a stable platform for our VOIP services.

Chicane Internet helped us move away from unmanaged broadband services to a far more reliable platform, we now have a fully managed network comprising 100Mb/s fibre based leased lines at our data-centres and 10Mb/s leased lines at our major depots”

Geoff Anderson, I.T. Network Manager, Goldstar Transport Ltd