Chicane Connect announce new mobile sim solution


Chicane Connect announce new mobile sim solution

With the new announcement that those who can work from home should work from home, a new mobile solution from Chicane Connect will dramatically reduce costs for many employers.

So, what is it?
Chicane Connect is now offering Sim only contracts for mobile phones. This means instead of an employer having to commit to numerous monthly contracts for work mobile phones, you can have it all under one contract and a single invoice through Chicane Connect.

How much will it cost?
The contracts will give users unlimited texts, data and calls for just £19.95 a month per Sim (on the O2 network) or £25 (on the Vodafone network) depending on your provider/ preference.

This new offering will make it easier for customer facing teams to maintain the high level of service that your customers are used too – wherever they are – as well as making it easier for effective internal communications to continue.

This, combined with Chicane Connects’ Bria app, allows companies to easily transition to work from home by either easily installing an app or adding a new Sim to their hosted solution. This means employees don’t need to claim any monthly costs back nor do they have to buy multiple phone contracts allowing it all to be on one easy monthly invoice.

Chris Peck, Chief Technical Officer said: “We’re delighted to add this service to our telephony offering. We believe that, now more than ever with businesses trying to survive under Covid conditions, this new addition will give our customers the quality and flexibility they need to thrive.”

For more information on this new service, you can contact Chicane Connect here