Chicane Connect announces new anti-fraud system for customers


Chicane Connect announces new anti-fraud system for customers

Chicane Connect launched a new service to protect their clients from the recent increase in telephone toll fraud.

Toll fraud, which is also known phone hacking (or phreaking) is a huge risk, with an estimated 85% of business considered vulnerable.  Toll fraud involves breaking into an unsecured device and stealing the extension details, and reconfiguring the phone to allow calls to be diverted to an illegal platform.

Recognising the damage that a security breach can cause a client – to their reputation, productivity and profitability. Chicane Connect has taken a proactive approach to protect its clients by developing an anti-fraud system, that sends real time notifications if unusual activity is taking place on a client’s account, or they exceed their agreed tariffs.

Robert Kemp, Managing Director of Chicane Connect, said ahead of the launch: “We recognise the need for continuous innovation and have developed a system to mitigate the risk of unauthorised transactions, without any action required by the client.

“We have the resources and tools in place to adapt to our clients demands and the highest level of security protocols.  This all happens seamlessly in the background, to improve our client’s defences against toll fraud.

“We remain committed to protecting our clients for the changing landscape today and in the future.”

For more information on how our anti-fraud system can save you money, contact one of our highly trained team today.