Choosing the right phone system for your new business


Choosing the right phone system for your new business

As a small start-up, building customer relationships is critical and whatever the size of your new company, it is important to consider the communication needs of the business both now and in the future.  You will need a robust telephony service that will work for you, a growing team and most importantly, your new customers. And, let’s be really clear about this, having a poor quality, inflexible phone system WILL lose you customers.


So, why do you need a phone system?


Well, we are not just recommending VoIP or Cloud based technology because that is what we do, but it has been stated that ISDN and analogue phone lines will soon cease to exist (we may have written a blog or two about it!), being forever vanquished to a bygone era.


However, the simple answer is that a phone system will make you look professional and will help your fledgling business appear larger. You will be able to direct your calls to a virtual assistant, who can manage calls coming into the business, creating the impression you have multiple employees, or specialist teams.  Or, if you are mainly based out of the office (visiting those new clients),  your cloud system can allow you to take calls from your business landline number to your mobile phone, which gives you the flexibility to be based anywhere. Plus, if you provide your employees with an extension number, they can also receive calls, wherever they are, via a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Controlling your costs


Your new business may require expenditure and ongoing expenses that you might not have considered.  As a start-up, you do not want to get locked into a contract with a traditional phone system provider.  It will end up being costly due to installation, maintenance and upgrade costs, and it will take vital cash away from the business.  With a VoIP system, there is no installation required, since the service is hosted in the cloud and managed virtually, saving you and your new business time and money.


One of the biggest advantages of business VoIP is that it offers significantly cheaper calls than traditional land lines, with many providers offering free international calls.




However good your business plan may appear, it is difficult to predict how fast your business might grow.  You may experience slow, but steady growth, or those orders might pile up from day one, creating significant growth within a short timeframe. The great news is that VoIP phone systems are designed to grow at your pace, they are highly scalable and it is simple to add in additional phone lines, allowing you to introduce new offices and employees quickly and seamlessly.


What do you need to make VoIP work?


The first thing you need is a broadband connection, as VoIP requires an Internet access, as it runs over the IP network. The faster your connection, the better the call quality is. You will require a high-speed broadband connection to make calls and browse the Internet at the same time. You will also need VoIP software and hardware.


What does Chicane Connect offer?


  • No maintenance costs. All you need are handsets, as our hosting package does the rest.
  • Free calls between your extensions, no matter the geographic distance between offices.
  • Get voicemails to your email inboxwhere you can listen, sort and respond to them quickly.
  • Record and monitor callsand with our intuitive portal a dashboard of call statistics and playback options are only a click away.
  • Conference calling for as many people as you need, which are simple to set up and manage.
  • Caller ID, call waiting, call blocking and easy transfer, make call management a breeze.
  • Take your extension with you. Extension mobility can route calls to your smartphone – or another device.
  • See who is online, on the phone and availableto ease communication whether you are together or not.
  • Free international calls can be included with an additional subscription.

At Chicane Connect our solution is simple, it is not just a phone system, it is a reliable, secure and cost-effective platform that grows as your business does.  Suitable for businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to call centres. Our VoIP solution helps you to compete in today’s modern marketplace.


If you are looking for a broadband provider that can provide superfast speeds and a reliable connection, we have a broadband plan that will keep your business connected, responsive and productive.


Contact us today to see how we can help you boost your business.