Cloud VoIP

Switching your traditional PBX telephone system on copper to VoIP can save your business money and give you greater flexibility and capabilities in your business telephone system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be an economical solution for small business. A virtual phone system offers a small business the advanced features of an expensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) without the associated costs and maintenance. With a main phone number for the company and an extension for each user, it’s possible to integrate homeworkers, mobile sales reps and employees in multiple office locations into one phone system that connect calls to all your employees, wherever they are.

How many users do you have now? How many do you anticipate five years from now? How many callers will be using phones at the same time? What is more important to your business: low cost or quality of calls? Do you need to route calls to mobile workers? Do you need certain advanced features such as call recording or voicemail-2-email?, or just the more common features your local telephone company provides like call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID? Do you need auto-attendant, conferencing, or internet fax?

All these questions can be answered with a VoIP telephony solution, we firmly believe that the future of telephony is in this technology and the benefits it will bring to you as a customer will be of huge advantage, not only in cost, but also functionality and the benefit of future proofing.

If you are looking or about to embark upon upgrading your telephone system then please do get in touch with us at Chicane to discuss any questions or requirements you may have.