Customer service….Do you feel wanted?

Customer service….Do you feel wanted?

Customer service…where do I start? It’s one of those phrases that we all hear every day from every business, a bun fight for who can shout the loudest about how great they are. It got me thinking about what it actually means, and what defines good customer service.

Interestingly, customer service can be defined in a number of ways: quality of product, appearance of product, the suitability of the product that we have been sold for our needs, but mainly how we feel we have been treated in the pursuit of, and following our purchase. I noted the other night that we never see advertisements from Rolls Royce or Bentley. Why is that? Is it because the brand oozes quality? How would I know that though, if I have never had any contact with them? I’m just taking other peoples word for it that they are actually that good. In fact, I don’t actually know anyone first hand who has had recent dealings with either of these two companies, yet if I was in the market for a particular car in their genre, I would, without hesitation walk into one of their showrooms.

This was quite a surprising revelation for me. It’s a place we all would love to get to, yet very few do. Admittedly, they have had many years of trading to get to a point where their reputation is enough in itself. Newer or smaller businesses may not have as many years behind them, or the reputation of these major players but this shouldn’t stop them from wanting to reach for that mantle of excellence. For me, customer service is about doing the same thing over and over again religiously for our customers, which then becomes standard, regardless of size or importance.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When it comes to customer service, I believe you need to offer the same level of service to every customer to get the same, consistently positive results. We have a motto here: “always under promise and over deliver.” By this ,we mean to clearly set expectations and consistently exceed them, thereby showing our customers that we do actually care about their requirements and their business.

We sometimes laugh about how poorly other businesses in our telecommunications sector perform when we hear stories from customers who come to us from elsewhere . It beggars belief how direly business are treated sometimes, it would be comical if it the impact on the customers business wasn’t so serious. Many years ago someone famously said “it’s good to talk” however, you try talking to them when an issue arises!

Customer service is a phrase that gets bandied around a lot, too often with the customer’s real experience ending up being a far cry form the service that was promised.

Customer service isn’t a tangible product that you can touch, see or even quantify. However, we at Chicane believe that it is certainly something that you can feel. We base our business on it and once you engage with us for any service, we will ensure that you will feel like a valued customer from the start. So please do give us a try, and see what it’s like to feel wanted!