Ed’s end of year round up 2015

Ed’s end of year round up 2015


It’s been an interesting and rewarding year here at Chicane.

There has been a lot going on, although surprisingly not really anything hugely groundbreaking involving technology itself. More emphasis in the technology sector this year has been put on increasing accessibility to technology, with a range of offers and incentives to get more businesses up to speed with faster connectivity.

It all started with the government offering a ‘Superconnected Cities’ grant for businesses to obtain leased lines by giving them up to £3,000 towards any install costs. As you can imagine the take up was huge, which is not at all surprising, but given the lack of PR surrounding this grant, given that it was election year, it could easily have become lost in the ether.

However, quite the opposite was true. It was a huge success. So much so, that it was stopped in its tracks in October, a full 6 months before the original end date of March 2016.  They slammed the brakes early, as the £40m that the government had earmarked for it had already been taken up by the thousands of businesses which had successfully applied for the grant. It was a shame that it had to end, as just as it was gaining momentum and people were seriously looking at getting involved they realised that they had come to the party too late.

Having registered as a supplier with Superconnected Cities, I am pleased to say that we gained quite a few customers via this particular scheme. We are now working with these customers to provide the leased line technology into their premises and all parties involved are looking forward to enabling a more resilient set up for these businesses, as well as giving them far more opportunities for embracing cloud based products, thus increasing the flexibility of their day to day operations.

As well as making great strides with connectivity, it has been a fantastic year for us on the telephony side of the business. Our Technical architect Luke has built our own Hosted VoIP platform, drawing on our experiences of other VoIP products on the market. This has given us the ability to fine tune the platform, putting it at the cutting edge of VoIP technology.  The initial feedback has been extremely positive and our customers are finding it a great way to move from the traditional business telephony into the world of VoIP without any hassle or headaches. We truly believe that this will be a key product for us going forward, providing a smooth migration for our clients from ‘old to new’ telecommunications technology.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from everyone here at Chicane.


I look forward to an exciting 2016.



Ed Watts
Sales Director
Chicane Internet Ltd