Featured People -Tom Cridland, Sales Executive

Featured People -Tom Cridland, Sales Executive



What made you choose to join the Chicane team?

Before joining Chicane I had just returned from a short career break travelling in Southeast Asia. Previously to that I had worked in Sales and lead generation roles for Data and Fuel Card companies. When I returned from my travels I was looking for a new challenge and to experience a different side of sales than I had been previously involved in. The Business Communications industry is very engaging and with so many new technologies emerging, speaking to customers about our products it is really interesting work. When I was offered the job, it was an easy decision for me because of how welcoming everyone was and still are to this day!

What major changes have you seen in Business Technology over the last year?

Most businesses now rely on their Internet connections more than anything else. They would be lost without them as so many of their operations run over it.

What would you like to see happen in the Business Communications industry over the next year?

I would like to see businesses really embrace VoIP technology. Many businesses that I speak to are spending so much money on line rentals and legacy PBX systems. This diverts much needed funds that could be utilised in other parts of their business. Running their telephony over their Internet connectivity would cut out the need for all of that.

What are your favourite things about your job?

Winning new business, saving customers money on costly ISDN lines and legacy phone systems by moving them over to VoIP.

What is your top goal for Chicane for the coming year?

To win as much new business as possible!

What is the greatest piece of advice that anyone gave you?

Don’t take life too seriously. You only have one go at it, so live everyday as if it were your last.