Government grant ends…but we can still give you £3k off your install!

Government grant ends…but we can still give you £3k off your install!

Back in March, the Government launched a voucher scheme to get more businesses moved onto a dedicated Fibre Leased Line by offering a substantial £3k grant to help businesses with the installation cost. As you can imagine, interest in this was high, partly down to the lack of available Fibre To The Cabinet facilities currently available at UK business parks.

The scheme was capped at £40m, which, due to the sheer amount of businesses applying for the grant was reached earlier this month and the scheme is now closed, having originally been put in place to run until March 2016.

However, I am happy to say that, due to other initiatives by ourselves and other carriers, Chicane can still offer customers £3k towards any Leased Line installation.

The monthly cost of a Leased Line can be as low as that of a part time junior employee. Without wanting to do these types of employees a disservice, I would like to put this question to all businesses: If the Internet went down for the day or your part time office junior was off sick for the day, which would be more detrimental to your business…?

Chicane believes that a dedicated Fibre Leased Line is the only choice for businesses that rely on their Internet connectivity.

Get in touch with us to help you find a solution that fits your requirements as a business. I hope that with our help, many more business will be enjoying a dedicated business connection within the next few years.


Ed Watts – Sales Director