Hosted VoIP and try before you buy!

Hosted VoIP and try before you buy!

VoIP is fast becoming recognised as the most cost effective way to implement an affordable, flexible business telephone system. Our two fixed monthly price options package this service up in a way that covers all bases. If you are a company that relies heavily on your telecommunications but you don’t spend a huge amount on your calls then our £9.95 option is ideal. If you do spend significant sums on calls and you would like to fix your costs then our £19.95 option is the one for you.

Unlike many other offerings on the market, both of these packages include as standard all of your users phones, access to our technical support desk and a dedicated broadband line, giving you everything necessary to set up and trial the system. We like to ensure that our customers have peace of mind as well as a fantastic system with responsive support. After all, we want you to believe in it as much as we do!

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Try before you buy

If all of that wasn’t enough, we are now offering a free 3 month initial trial period of our £9.95 per month package.

During this 3 month subscription free period, you will only pay for your calls. 

To sign up for the free trial, simply get in touch by phone or email. We will send you everything you need to set up and try the system for an initial 3 month period.

At the end of the trial period, if you are happy with the system, then your contract will continue. If it isn’t for you, you can simply let us know and send back the phones! We believe so strongly in the system that we can’t envisage you not wanting to continue!

All the best for July!


Ed Watts
Sales Director
Chicane Internet
01473 358222