How to share the costs of high speed internet connectivity

How to share the costs of high speed internet connectivity

This month Ed has been looking at the costs and availability of high speed connectivity and how this is affecting local businesses…..

“In the region where we are based (Ipswich and other IP postcodes), you could say that we have just recently been handed the winning lottery numbers in with regards to high speed connectivity. The Superfast Britain voucher scheme is a government incentive awarding up to £3,000 in the form of a connection voucher to help businesses with the install cost of leased line installations.

This is great news for all types of business, especially the more rurally located ones, as these initial installation costs can be quite significant and one of the main reasons why some businesses tend to decline going down this particular road.

Most people (especially the IT dept) appreciate that a standard broadband connection just isn’t fit for business purpose anymore, due to the lack of Service Level Agreement and the fact that more and more people are storing data in the cloud, or running their phone systems over their internet circuit. However, the initial install cost of a dedicated circuit can be prohibitive for some, as well as the ongoing financial monthly commitment.

Here at Chicane headquarters, we have installed a 100Mbps circuit at our premises and have collaborated with other organisations on our business park so we can all share in this bandwidth, thus spreading the associated costs. It has been an excellent success, which has lead us to roll this out at other locations for our customers. We are currently carrying out several projects to install leased lines in business parks with the various companies coming together to share the cost, whilst still obtaining far greater speeds with a connection that is fit for business.

So if you are in an area not eligible for FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), or your business and others around you need dedicated guaranteed connectivity,  we believe this is a great way not only to help with the monthly costs, but coupled with  the government grants now available will keep the costs of implementing this technology down.

The Superfast Britain scheme is only running until 1st April 2016, so do contact us to us to find out more.