Leased Lines

Dedicated Connectivity

Leased Lines

What are Leased Lines & how will they help your business?

Dedicated Connection

Broadband connectivity can only take your business so far. Sharing your connection with other users at your local exchange or Fibre cabinet can leave you competing for bandwidth, often resulting in slower connection speeds than you need.

If your business has grown and you now have a larger number of users or you use Cloud or web based services to run your business, the alternative solution is your very own dedicated, one to one Fibre Leased Line, providing high speed, reliable Internet access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fast Download Speeds

You can’t afford to have your business disrupted by a slow or unpredictable connection. Our range of leased line speeds vary from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, which is up to 125 times faster than standard ADSL connections and, unlike ADSL, isn’t dependent on your proximity to a local telephone exchange.

Fast Upload Speeds

What’s more, most internet plans only provide steady download speeds, but if your business relies on online backup, Cloud services, web-hosting, streaming or remote login systems then it’s important that you can upload just as quickly. Our leased line plans guarantee symmetric download and upload speeds to reflect the dynamic needs of your business.

Uncontended Bandwidth

You deserve to receive the connection you’ve paid for, but this isn’t always the case. Bandwidth is often shared between local internet users. Our dedicated lines mean you get your own line, which provides uncontended bandwidth so you never have to compete for your own connection and always get the speeds you expect.

No sharing, 100% for you.


Scalable from 10Mb to 1Gb, your bandwidth can grow as your business does. Thanks to our fully managed Cisco hardware as standard and 24/7 UK based technical support, you can concentrate on working and growing your business rather than worrying about connectivity issues.

Leased lines are the ideal solution for businesses that want to combine their voice, video and data on a single connection.

Flexible Plans

We know that the needs of your business often change, so we’ve made our plans flexible. You can adjust your bandwidth requirements any time to reflect your growth or seasonal demands, and make sure you’re only paying for what you need.

Benefits of Chicane Leased Lines

Industry leading SLAs- 100% target uptime via a broadband failover

Ideal for combined voice, video and data connectivity

Bandwidths from 10Mb – 1Gb

Uncontended bandwidth, guaranteed

Connect sites together (private MPLS circuits available)

4 hour response time to any faults

FREE installation offers available (subject to survey)

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