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Chicane Connect is doing its best to make sure Father Christmas doesn’t find himself locked down in Lapland this year by pledging sponsorship to the residents of Bethesda Eventide Home as they ‘Search for Santa’. Staff and residents of the Ipswich based care home will be covering 1908 miles (the distance from Suffolk to Lapland) between them to complete their ‘journey’ by Christmas Eve. To support them...

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Chicane Connect launched a new service to protect their clients from the recent increase in telephone toll fraud. Toll fraud, which is also known phone hacking (or phreaking) is a huge risk, with an estimated 85% of business considered vulnerable.  Toll fraud involves breaking into an unsecured device and stealing the extension details, and reconfiguring the phone to allow calls to be diverted to an illegal...

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It’s hard to imagine a world without cloud technology.   Cloud based technology has enabled these businesses to continue to operate throughout the crisis by accelerating their digital strategies.  The shift has been huge, and it is the Cloud that has made collaboration and commerce more possible and accessible.   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases have been essential in sharing customer information across Cloud based systems – where a quick...

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As a small start-up, building customer relationships is critical and whatever the size of your new company, it is important to consider the communication needs of the business both now and in the future.  You will need a robust telephony service that will work for you, a growing team and most importantly, your new customers. And, let’s be really clear about this, having a poor quality, inflexible...

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With the new announcement that those who can work from home should work from home, a new mobile solution from Chicane Connect will dramatically reduce costs for many employers. So, what is it? Chicane Connect is now offering Sim only contracts for mobile phones. This means instead of an employer having to commit to numerous monthly contracts for work mobile phones, you can have it all under...

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