Need to work from home? VoIP lets your staff work anywhere…


Need to work from home? VoIP lets your staff work anywhere…

We are in the eye of a storm. Several high-profile businesses in the UK – including Microsoft and Facebook – have asked their employees to work from home and an increasing number of smaller UK businesses are actively encouraging their staff to do the same.

Many businesses will have robust contingency plans and have the infrastructure in place to allow the majority of their employees to immediately self-isolate; with clients, customers and suppliers none the wiser as the ‘business as usual’ sign is placed firmly on the door.

If your business hasn’t yet upgraded to Cloud based technology – or VoIP, what does this mean for your ‘Working at Home’ strategy? We’re working harder than ever for new and old clients, ensuring the infrastructure is in place to provide remote working capability and video conferencing for all as quickly as possible.

We understand times are difficult for many businesses, and Chicane Connect has reacted to the crisis in the only way it knows how.  We haven’t increased our prices to exploit the increase in demand.  Instead, we are supporting their current customers with a 50% reduction in costs.

Do you have the kit you need? 

If your employees need to self-isolate or as a company you are choosing to work from home, communication will still be a key part in keeping you going in these challenging times. Chicane Connect’s hosted telephony system gives you the option to either: –

A) Take your Desktop Telephone home and plug the ethernet cable into your home network router and it will seamlessly register to our hosted platform. Your office extension will then ring in the same way that it did on your office desk. There are a couple of requirements we need to make you aware of, you will need a power supply (Chicane Connect can provide this) if your phones get their power from your network, and do remember to tell us your address for emergency calling (999) purposes.

B) Use a Unified Communications device (either your mobile or tablet) to simply take calls on this device

For every three-month Unified Communications Licence for a PC or laptop – to enable you to make calls over your PC – you will only be charged for two of those months.

It’s time to prepare anyway – with the ISDN switch off looming..

In case you didn’t know, ISDN will become redundant from 2025.  What is ISDN? It’s basically a traditional landline, a telephone-based network system that operates by a circuit switch, or dedicated line. This year, BT stopped selling ISDN products as connectivity has advanced with the introduction of superfast internet connections that has facilitated the growth of hosted and VoIP technologies, which provide a  superior performance for businesses at a lower cost than traditional ISDN.

We want you to know that we are working for you, ensuring your business continuity is our priority.

We will keep in touch, offering tips to survive working from home, advice on advancing technology and someone to talk to if you need it.

If you think you may need support with the above, please contact  us on 01473 358222