Who are we, what exactly is it that we do and why should you choose us?

Who are we, what exactly is it that we do and why should you choose us?

When you don’t work in the communications industry, sometimes it’s hard to understand what is out there, what solution to choose, and who to go to for your particular business needs. In this month’s blog, Customer Support Officer Lisa Andrews breaks it down and talks about what Chicane have to offer your business.

I have worked in this industry for 13 years now and I STILL hear terms bandied about the office that I don’t understand! When I started working for KeConnect, a Suffolk based Internet Service Provider in 2002, I came from outside of the industry, so I didn’t know ANYTHING about Internet technology, or computers, or telephones, or websites…so I had to learn, FAST! After all, when you are a young, female salesperson going into businesses to discuss their Internet and telecommunications requirements, you absolutely need to know what you are talking about! Luckily for me, my colleagues were patient enough to teach me, and in a way that I could understand! Fast forward a few years and I was forming KeConnect’s Customer Services Department and training others in order that they could talk to customers about our products and services in friendly, plain English NOT jargon! At Chicane, I look after the administrative side of the business, processing customer’s orders and keeping them up to date with the progress of the provision of their solutions. I am also on hand to answer queries about billing, address changes or any other general enquiries.

Because of my somewhat ignorant beginnings (!), I recognise that not everyone (even business owners such as you) understands the inner workings of their phone or computer systems, or how the Internet or their email works, and neither should they have to.  The right service provider will spend time talking to a business in simple terms about what they need OUT of their communications systems and use that information to provide a solution to get the job done. So here is a little bit of information that describes the type of solutions that Chicane provides, and why a business should choose us.

In a nutshell (gosh, it’s dark in this nutshell…) Chicane provides business quality connectivity and telephony solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We can provide you with some or all of the following:

  • Broadband connectivity
  • Fibre connectivity
  • Leased Line connectivity
  • Telephone lines and calls
  • Phone calls over the Internet (SIP/VoIP)
  • Phone systems
  • Mobile solutions

Who …?
We are a team of friendly, knowledgeable people with over 25 years experience in providing first class business connectivity and communications. We all hail from Internet, IT or telecommunications backgrounds, so we know what we are talking about!  We also know that the biggest issue facing most businesses is having the ability to interact with a real person, quickly when problems arise, and we feel we are market leaders in our response and our ability to rectify any issues that arise.

Meet our Management team here:


Why Chicane?
Chicane was created with the mission to become the UK’s leading telecommunications provider for small to medium sized businesses.   In such a competitive market where there are hundreds of service providers, we feel that we give a personalised service that just isn’t provided by the ‘major players’. We can provide your business with just one of our many services, or help you unify all of your services into one simple, broken down, monthly bill from just one supplier – us! Chicane can offer a personalised solution for your business – whether you are home office based, or have employees in one or several locations around the country. Our expert knowledge can make a great difference to your business, helping you to become more efficient, effective and send productivity through the roof!

Simplicity, Choice
Our aim is to make the process of choosing a communications solution as hassle-free as possible .Chicane’s technical experts research technologies and products then add them to our portfolio so that we can provide you with all of your communications needs. We currently have a portfolio of products that range from fibre optic broadband, business mobiles, business telephone systems, wholesale calls and lines packages and much more. With every corner of communications covered, there is no need to look elsewhere. Should you wish to, consolidating all of your services into one simple monthly bill (thus removing the complexity of multiple bills) allows you to save valuable time that can be re-invested into other areas of your business.

We are a UK focused and resourced business. Your solutions are designed and implemented by professionals who understand the UK market and your challenges, supported by a UK team of technical specialists. When you contact us with a support issue, our staff will understand your problem and identify the right path and resource to deal with it efficiently for a speedy resolution.

So, now you know…!
You can call us for an informal chat about your requirements on 02031374445, or email info@chicaneconnect.co.uk and we will be more than happy to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you!