Why can’t my business get Fibre To The Cabinet when my area has been upgraded?

Why can’t my business get Fibre To The Cabinet when my area has been upgraded?

Over the past 18 months or so, we have been providing FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) for a large number of our clients.

FTTC, more commonly known as ‘Fibre’ is a vast improvement on the traditional ADSL Broadband connections that have been the status quo since the late nineties. Fibre connectivity provides greatly enhanced connection speed and reliability at an affordable price and, as such, is in high demand.

As positive as this sounds, there is an issue that we are finding that many businesses are facing.  Due to BT PLC’s desire for a quick Return On Investment, many businesses are finding that whereas most of the cabinets (the Openreach boxes that perch on the corner of many roads) are being upgraded to Fibre in residential areas, the cabinets in business parks and industrial estates are not.

The business community are crying out for this latest technology, with the importance of internet connectivity being so critical for carrying out the daily functions of everyone’s lives. However, there are many cases where although the local telephone exchange has been upgraded to Fibre, the individual cabinet serving the particular premises has not.

This causes confusion for a large number of businesses as they are under the impression that Fibre is available in their local area, but their particular cabinet may never be enabled, due to the small number of people or businesses attributed to the individual cabinet itself.

The one positive in all of this is that the price of Ethernet (Fixed Line) connectivity has dropped significantly these days and therefore there is a compelling business argument to be had with regards to undertaking this service. With the guarantees and Service Level Agreements available for Ethernet connectivity, there is a case that a Leased line or EFM (Ethernet First Mile) connection is arguably much more suited to the business community than FTTC. FTTC, although faster and more reliable, still carries the same service level as ADSL, meaning that if there is an issue, Openreach are not bound by a minimum Service Level Agreement to put it right.

If you are a business in a quandary regarding your connectivity needs, you want to find out whether you can or indeed should get a FTTC connection, or want to enquire about the feasibility of an Ethernet connection then please do get in touch. We offer a range of connectivity solutions and can give you an honest appraisal of your individual situation and outline your options for improving your current service.


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